About the Training

The Safe Space training provides a curriculum that raises awareness of issues; establishes a common knowledge of identity development and support resources; and supports engaged members of the community in their daily work to create equity on and off campus.

After the Training, attendees will:

  • Be able to describe the climate for the LGBTQ community (campus, local and national)
  • Be able to identify individual perceptions and biases around issues of sex, sexual identity, and gender identity
  • Be able to differentiate the terms sex, gender, sexual identity, and gender expression
  • Be able to list current campus, local and national laws and policies that impact LGBTQ communities
  • Be able to identify resources for LGBTQ individuals on campus and in the community
  • Be able to identify resources for continuing education related to LGBTQ issues
  • Be able to articulate one’s abilities to improve campus climate for LGBTQ people
  • Be able to describe ways to create inclusive work and living environments